MJ-Commute-Aaron1When I worked at BMW the company either provided you with a BMW or a very attractive lease program to encourage you to drive the vehicle. I thought the idea was brilliant. Every day I drove that car, I grew more impassioned about the brand. The more passionate employees grew about the vehicle, the more that passion was communicated to its customers.

Now Marc Jacobs is leveraging the power of social media (via Instagram) to show its employees commuting to work in Marc Jacobs attire. Once again, brilliant!  The short videos (#MJCommute) involve the employees and connect the customers more personally with the brand.  Rather than viewing stylistic photos of airbrushed models wearing Marc Jacobs clothing, the fun videos help consumers identify with real people. And those real people happen to be real employees who are proud to be wearing their brand. What a great way to create brand passion! (Read the full story at Luxury Daily).

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