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badwordsIn this excellent Forbes article “Are You Killing Your Customer Service with these Language Mistakes,” Micah Solomon confirms what I’ve believed for years… the language your sales associates speak must align with your brand. This canon holds true especially for luxury brands, since luxury customers have heightened service expectations.

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Scripts create zombies.

It’s important to differentiate between creating a lexicon of brand words and phrases for sales associates versus providing them with scripts. Scripts create zombies. With scripts, sales associates don’t need to think for themselves; they can just recite what they’ve been told to say. Since there’s no real thinking involved, it becomes difficult for a salesperson to deviate from the script when called upon to handle an unusual customer situation. By encouraging sales associates to think on their feet, to let their personalities shine through, and to fashion their language to match the brand, they’ll be better able to provide a true luxury experience. An alternative to creating a brand lexicon, is to share what not to say, or as Mr. Solomon puts it, a “Thou Shalt Not” handbook. Either way, what customers see should match what they hear.

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