The Sales Associate – Luxury’s Best Advantage

LuxsalespersonWhile luxury brands are starting to understand the importance of creating a seamless brand journey through omni-channel marketing, the luxury consumer still enjoys the personal, white glove treatment. According to a new report by the Luxury Institute, consumers rely more on the knowledge and service expertise of the in-store sales associate for their purchasing decisions than they do on their laptops or cell phones. That means luxury brands should be investing in training their sales personnel to deliver a unique and superior customer experience.

It is the interaction a customer has with the sales advisor that makes a store visit memorable… in either a good or a bad way. According to Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute:

brands need to prepare, educate and compensate sales associates so they can engage with consumers one-on-one in a way that creates positive experiences. When people genuinely feel special they can engage with the products and engage with the brand ambassadors.

“Create a personal connection. It doesn’t always require Champagne and caviar. It just requires great humanity from sales associates.”

It is your customer-facing associates who are the ambassadors of your brand – they are your direct line of contact to your customers – and they ultimately determine the success or failure of the customer relationship.

For more, read this post on In-store sales associates heavily influence luxury purchase decisions: report

For advice on how to create the luxury customer experience, read Moving Beyond Customer Service to Customer Experience.

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