One thought on “Why we must drop the word “sales” from all business dialogue.

  1. I am gagging. Can this author truly be serious about the euphemisms he proposes to replace “sales” and “sales clerk” with, for example (his), “buying journey engineer”? If I encountered a person wearing one of those badges, I’d run for the door and hope I reached it before I burst into gales of laughter.

    Unless people are on a fixed salary, it is a given that they have a vested interest in making the sale. That is the acknowledged bargain we enter into with them. It is entirely up to customers to decide whether to make the purchase. Being dealt with by a “buying journey engineer” does nothing to help the sale but everything to make me suspicious that their actions and words are as transparently vacuous as their badge.

    Words should be used for truth, not obfuscation.


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