It’s All About that Service II: Fine Dining Edition

diningThe day after I finished writing my last post “It’s All About that Service” I caught chefs Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) being interviewed on CNBC. Though both chefs were in the studio to talk about their new cookbooks, the conversation was more focused on why fine dining continues to thrive as a business while other luxury sectors are in a decline. “Right now, people want an experience.” says Eric Ripert  This sentiment echoes what I wrote in the previous post—that there is an oncoming shift from having “things” to having “experiences.” Chef Ripert goes so far as to suggest the success of fine dining augurs better days ahead:

When fine dining does well it means it’s going to be good down the line.

It’s Daniel Boulud, however, who best sums up what makes a fine dining experience:

I think people want to indulge. It’s about making sure people get quality in service, quality in food. I mean they want an experience and I think that experience… that’s what we strive to provide and—for that I think that’s always—that’s what people want. They really want something unique.

It’s those three ingredients—Quality, Service, Uniqueness—that are the recipe not only for a great fine dining experience, but for any luxury experience.

Click here to see the interview: Chefs Daniel Boulud and Eric Ripert on CNBC 12/19/2014

MyBestP.S.  I love how Daniel Boulud holds up his new cookbook during the entire interview. I’m sure it will make a great last minute gift for someone special on your holiday list.


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